Ash Dieback: The Current Situation in the South West of England

So far, in Devon - Ash dieback disease is already present in the majority of the County, it poses a devastating threat to Devons natural landscape and biodiversity within the next Decade. We believe 95% of Ash trees in Devon are predicted to die over the coming years as a result of the disease.  

As professional arborists we ask people in the South and South West of England to stay vigilant in order to help monitor the spread of this disease.

We have set up this task force as part of our arboricultural company which has been in operation for over 23 years, Teign Trees & Landscapes SW Ltd we can offer services ranging from education and awareness of the disease to the removal and safe disposal of infected trees.

We are working alongside all the lead and relevant agencies to deal with this disease which is threatening one of the UK’s most beautiful tree species.

Ash Dieback - The Up to Date Facts 2019

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