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Things to look out for when identifying Ash Dieback
Leaves showing spotting caused by infection from aerial spores.

Things to look out for when identifying Ash Dieback

  • Wilting leaves with black or brown discolouration
  • Small lesions on the bark and underneath the bark lesions the wood will have turned a brownish-grey colour.
  • In late summer and early autumn tiny fungi will be found on the leaf stalks in damp areas

If you believe that you have identified Ash Dieback in ash trees, please report it immediately to the appropriate authority DEFRA.
There is now a single contact point for suspected cases: 
DEFRA 08459 33 55 77 in England or Wales
DEFRA 0131 314 6156 in Scotland
OR alternatively call us on 01626 773499 or email us for free friendly advice.

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  1. We are fairly sure our lovely ash tree has die back. It seems to have all the symptoms – leaves, bark. We will contact a tree surgeon on Monday. If you can provide any other guidance please contact us.

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